Can Perfume Go Bad? – A Commonly Asked Question

Almost all the people in this world use perfumes to smell good and most of them just love it. Men and women of all ages wear different types of perfumes with unique and different fragrance. Perfumes are designed for various events, some are perfect for evening wear, some are formulated for formal wear, and some are for informal get together. You can also buy perfumes for casual wear. In short, wherever you go and whoever you meet, your perfume helps enhance your personality.  People often ask can perfume go bad with time or not.

A good fragrance or the fragrance you love has an impact on your mood as well. The more you smell good, the more confidence you will have. Usually, people have a collection of perfumes that they use for different occasions and events. So, basically, people have a collection of perfumes that they use and save some for particular occasions. The biggest concern for all such people is that can perfume go bad if they keep it for years.

Some perfumes are also for particular weather like you can best wear it in summer, winter, spring, or fall. What if you buy a perfume for winter or summer for a special occasion, it will surely last a year or maybe two. Can a perfume go bad?

There are a few types of perfumes that you need to know before buying the fragrance of your choice. Eau de cologne, Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, parfum, and Eau Fraiche are the types of perfumes available on the market. The concentration of fragrance is different in each type.

Different brands launched perfumes with various qualities and the price also depends on the quality of fragrance and concentration. People mostly prefer a long-lasting perfume.

Can Perfume Go Bad?

So, can perfume go bad? Most of the people want to know the answer of this question and many of us already know about it. You only need to do three to four pushes of a perfume on the pulse point and it will surely make your perfume lasts for years.

The average shelf life of a perfume is three to five years. It also depends on a few factors like how and where you store. If you are expecting your perfume to expire like food does, then this is not going to happen the same way.

Wearing an expired perfume can cause an allergic reaction or irritation. If a perfume goes bad, the smell or aroma changes. To increase the life of perfume, you need to store it properly with the cap closed tightly. The air is the main culprit that can make the perfume go bad.

The shelf life of perfume also depends on the quality of the perfume. A perfume with a higher concentration of water and alcohol evaporates a bit quicker. You can detect if your perfume has gone bad by smelling the fragrance.

Perfume with vegetable oil can turn rancid over time, whereas a perfume that contains essential oils with no fat can easily last longer. People, who ask can perfume go bad, should know how to detect it. The color of the perfume can change, the concentration of the fragrance can fade, and it may smell like vinegar.

If you detect any of these, then your perfume has gone bad. To increase the life of your perfume, you need to keep it away from sunlight and heat as it can break down the structure of your perfume, which changes the fragrance. Keep your perfume in a dark and cool place. By cool, I didn’t mean to store it in a refrigerator as it is not at all a good idea to increase the shelf life of your perfume.

Keeping it in the fridge and then taking it out for applying changes the temperature, which can damage the fragrance. So, it is best to keep it in a closet or drawer.


In this article, we discussed a common question asked by many people ‘can perfume go bad’. Perfumes have a shelf life of three to five years, depending on the quality and concentration of fragrance. It also depends on how you store it and where you store it.

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