Where Should You Spray Cologne? – All Men Need To Know

Men love to use cologne for every occasion, be it a party, formal outing, informal get together, event, or date. Cologne for every environment or situation is different as men want to smell good and different for different situations. People who love to wear mesmerizing fragrances never think twice before buying costly perfumes as well. But, everyone wants their cologne to last all day. For this, you need to know ‘where should you spray cologne’.

Cologne you apply not only makes you smell amazing, but also attract the attention of your colleagues, especially women.  College students also love to buy cologne. Almost everyone in this world use perfumes to smell good. When you apply a unique and different fragrance, everyone in the office or party notices you. You will become a center of attraction.

A good fragrance provides confidence and improves your mood as well. Cologne or perfume has a strong impact on your personality. Some people even buy cologne according to their personality. There are infinite numbers of perfumes available on the market with different fragrances.

Find a fragrance and cologne of your choice is a bit tricky as you have to go from shop to shop to buy the scent. Of course, you can’t test even and every cologne of all the shops. Many people also put the best cologne in the cart online. But to buy it online, you need to be sure of the fragrance as there is a chance that you may not like the fragrance.

Colognes are available from low to very high price than you can imagine. You should definitely select the one that falls within your budget. To make cologne last longer, men ask ‘where should you spray cologne’.  Take a look at the next section to get the answer of your question ‘where should you spray cologne

Where Should You Spray Cologne?

Where should you spray cologne to make it lasts longer? There are many people who have been applying the cologne a wrong way. Some common mistakes people make all the time they wear fragrance they love the most. Some people spray too much thinking that the smell vanished. So many sprays make your expensive cologne last quicker than expected.

People apply perfume to the wrong areas. Cologne contains essential oils that melded with your skin’s oil. It is a natural process that makes you smell differently as the oil of your skin and cologne get mixed. When you spray the cologne on your clothes, the impact is different. So, people who ask ‘where should you spray cologne’, the answer is that you need to apply it on your skin rather than the clothes.

Where should you spray cologne on your skin? It is equally important to know on which area you need to apply cologne. Applying the cologne on the warm areas of your body as it will heat up and keep the oil smell for the whole day, so you will smell good throughout the day.

You need to spray cologne on the pulse points such as chest, neck, inner elbows, wrist, etc. you don’t need to apply too much, three sprays are enough to smell good all day. The common mistake people make when applying cologne on the wrists, they rub it. Some people think rubbing can make the fragrance last longer, which is a misconception.

If you rub the scent, then your skin absorbed it and the smell vanishes quicker than you think. Some men spray the cologne in the air and walk through it, which is never going to work for the whole day.

The best solution is to spray it on your body on the pulse points, of course, you don’t need to apply it to all the pulse points instead just apply the cologne on two to three pulse points at once.


Most men don’t know how to make their scent lasts longer and often ask ‘where should you spray cologne to get the best result’. There are some pulse points on the body that makes your perfume last longer. In this article, we discussed some mistakes people make when spraying cologne.

I hope you implement the ideas and make your cologne last longer!

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